Moscow was founded on the high Borovitskiy hill. This place has favorable conditions for life. In ancient times anglers and hunters there pursued a trade. First Moscow is mentioned in the Chronicles in the end of 12th century. The new millennium has brought the town many transformational changes. Modern Moscow is the symbol of Russia combining the heroic past and the great future.

It is certainly worth all foreign visitors to visit Moscow. Here the modern architecture is closely intertwined with the heritage of the past times. One of the oldest streets Arbat, which narrated the guests its fascinating history, saturated with a special spirit. It is completely pedestrian space, which is constantly changing. Traditionally, there are street performers, artists exhibit their paintings.

The Vorobyovy Hills are rightly considered the capital’s heart. According to the legend, the area once belonged to priest Vorobey (Sparrow), who supposedly refused from it in favor of the Grand Duchess Sophia Vitovtovna. It was the favorite holiday resort of the Tsar’s family. Here you can visit the Moscow State University (MGU) building, on the sightseeing platform, from where at the due time Lermontov, Dostoevsky, Tolstoy, Bulgakov admired the amenities.

The Gostiny Dvor (Merchant Center) is the known architectural monument of First-throned (Moscow) built in the 18th century. In ancient times this block was part of the Great Posad (suburb). The endless arcade of semi-columns in the style of Ionic order is amazing.

15 exhibition halls of the Museum named after Pushkin are housed in the old mansion of Khrushchevs-Seleznevs built after the Moscow Fire of 1812. The collected exhibits admit you to imagine the epoch, in which the characters of the poet’s works lived.

The Donskoy Monastery was erected in honour of the Don Icon of the Mother of God presented, a miracle in 1591, when the Khan Geray troops were in flight from the Kremlin walls. The Cathedral was completed the construction by the Tsarevna Sophia and Peter the First. In the territory of the monastery were found the relics of sanctifier Tikhon, the Patriarch of all Russia.

The Izmailovo Kremlin was recreated in 2007 after engravings of the residence of the Russian tsars of XVI–XVII centuries. Nearby are the shopping arcades rich in souvenirs of Applied and Decorative Arts. One can make a tour into the past by visiting the museums of bread, felt boots (valenki), costume, bells and fairy tale.

The Kolomna Palace is the hunting residence of the Tsar Alexey Mikhailovich. The reconstruction was carrying out from 1995 to 2010. Practically, on the empty space has been restored the wooden Palace with many tower-chambers, which are fantastically decorated.

Also the city is rich in the contemporary art. There are many various exhibitions, constructions and attractions. Moscow is saturated with the nightlife. The fans of vivid and noisy gaieties will find themselves excellent seats and concert halls of the European level with a warm Russian welcome.