Pavlovsk is not just a city, but a real museum under the open air. The Parks and Palace Complexes make the atmosphere triumphant and the look elegant. There are many sightseeing attractions in Pavlovsk dating back to the era of the Romanov Dynasty rule. It’s worth a look at each of them with your own eyes just for once.

A little of history

Today Pavlovsk is divided into two equal parts: that of the Palatial and Residential. The modern complex, where the city’s residents live and work is a little away from the large alleys and the ancient houses. And in the 13th century, at the city’s location there were the strongholds forming a part of the Votic Pyatina of Novgorod Land. Then Catherine II drew attention to this blessed land. She often hunted there, and then gave them to her son Paul. From whom they came to be in the possession of the Romanovs family.

Then Catherine the Second paid attention to these lands of milk and honey. She often hunted there, and then gave them to her son Pavel. From whom they passed into the possession of the Romanovs family.

Sightseeing attractions of Pavlovsk

The Pavlovsky Palace and the Park near it were created by the best architects of the 18th and 19th centuries. The Church of Mary Magdalene is also the famous attraction in Pavlovsk. Next to it there are other buildings, interesting in architectural and historical plan: the Almshouse and the Doctor’s house.


People call the Castle BIP “a toy of the Emperor Pavel.” It is located in the Marienthal Park. Until recently, in its place you could see only the ruins, but today the castle is restored and is used as an upmarket hotel. The House of State Councilor Rotast was built in 1859. The neo-Baroque style is well reflected in the moldings on windows, and it also permeates the whole appearance of the house including the color scheme. The own garden and the composition of Three Graces in it are worthy of admiration no less than the large parks of Pavlovsk. This garden belonged to Maria Fedorovna and Pavel the First. It could be easy to get from their personal chambers.

Pavlovsk is the unique city, where annual excursions are arranged and daily life bubbles over. All the attractions are protected by the UNESCO and are kept in tip-top condition. To go there means to get the unforgettable impressions and touch the centuries-old history.