In a couple of dozen kilometers from St. Petersburg is spread out the picturesque small town of Pushkin, which is still called the Tsarskoye Selo. At the beginning of the XVIII century the beautiful country previously belonged to Sweden, was presented by Peter the First to his wife Ekaterina. In 1710 the construction of palaces and the erection of parks began. From this time until the fall of the Romanovs dynasty the Tsarskoye Selo accomplished the functions of the Grand summer residence of the Emperor. In the first half of the XIX century there was the Tsarskoselsky Lyceum, where Pushkin studied; at the same time, the Tsarskoe Selo was recognized as the town at the official level. Since 1937 the city was renamed Pushkin and received the status of architectural conservation area.  The Ekaterininskiy and Aleksandrovskiy Parks with courtyards and pavilions are included to this reserve, as well as the Palace in Babolovskiy Park.

In the out-of-doors of the Ekateriniskiy Park is located the main attraction. It is the Palace of the first owner of Catherine the First. During the life of the mistress it looked more modest, but at the end of the XVIII century it was rebuilt in the best traditions of the luxurious Russian Baroque. The external and internal view of the Palace glitters. Outside the bright facade of the Palace is decorated with stucco molding, and inside of each room there are the exclusive exponents of antique furniture, antiques and paintings. Right here is the famous Amber Room. Also, in the park of Marine Pavilion Grot, the Cameron Gallery and the Admiralty are located.

The other palace of incredible beauty in the Tsarskoe Selo is that of Aleksandrovskiy. It is a low building in the classic style built in 1796. A double colonnade is the main decoration of the front facade. After the construction of Alexander the Third used this Palace as the residence of the last monarch, Nicholas the Second. In the park’s territory is the Gothic Pavilion Arsenal, the Chinese Village (now a hotel complex), the medieval White Tower and the Gothic Chapel Chapelle.

The total number of architectural structures in the territories of parks of the Tsarskoye Selo exceeds one hundred. The greens of deciduous and coniferous trees change with magnificent palaces, ponds and bridges changes with small pavilions of different styles.