Saint Petersburg

Saint Petersburg

Petersburg – Petrograd – Leningrad: these are many names of the city with the remarkable unique destiny. The main landmarks of its past are turning points of the country’s history. It is the city of three revolutions, four times decorated with an order, the hero city, cherishing the memory of the most important events. It was founded in 1703 at the outlet of the Neva River to the Baltic Sea.

Tourist trails allow visitors to spend time interesting and amusive. The Alexander Nevski Monastery is considered the heart of St. Petersburg. Built by the order of Peter the First in the territory where the Battle of the Neva occurred. It was erected in honor of the feat of Novgorod Prince of the Holy Trinity. At the moment the pilgrimage service works at it, which organizes trips to temples, monasteries of the city’s regions. It is possible to book a custom trip to the Mount Athos.

In a busy schedule it is also worth noting a visit the Grand Cascade of Peterhof, which is the most beautiful fountain complex in the world. A historical journey will help tourists to realize the deeply placed meaning: triumph, festivity and victory. The Vasilyevsky Island is rightly considered to be the most beautiful place. The prominent architects and sculptors have expressed their best ideas there. Here is the Building of Twelve Boards (collegia), where the Senate and the Boards were housed in the XVIII century.

The most picturesque place, from where you can take the most unique photos is the Palace Bridge. This engineering construction attracts the people who walk from the Hermitage to the Spit of Vasilyevsky Island. The Hermitage Museum (Winter Palace) is the pride of Russia; it is the largest historical and cultural gallery. More than 3 million exhibits are presented in its halls (paintings, graphic arts and archaeological monuments). The visitors can see the masterpieces of Leonardo da Vinci and Raphael.

One can visit a mini zoo on the Yelagin Island. The guests can see reindeer, Cameroon dwarf goats and pheasants. Those who visit the Park in the summer period can become the participants of the reading-hall in the open air.

The Botanic Garden on Apothecaries’ island, founded by an order of Peter the First counts more than 8,000 species of plants. In the garden’s territory you can visit the Botanic Museum.

The Northern Capital is rich in the sightseeing attractions. One of them is the Palace of Kochubey.  This is the luxury architectural creation, which cannot be passed by. Even the fence calls attention to itself by sculptures of Moresques (the House with Moors).

Nowadays, St. Petersburg is the modern city that is filled with history, but also has many modern sightseeing attractions, exhibitions and entertainment, which fill the stay in the city with positive emotions.

Grand Cascade of Peterhof