Velikiy Novgorod

Beautiful and mighty Veliky Novgorod… It attracts with its mysteriousness and it is remembered with monumental painting and ancient architecture.

This city is even called a real Museum of Ancient Rus’! It is difficult to determine where the modern urban life ends, and the museum begins. About 50 ancient monuments of architecture of the 11th-17th centuries! They create and decorate the modern urban world. Tourists like to touch rough walls, temples and view ancient frescoes. And the local people every day enjoy the beautiful views of the city.

Idea Travel Company reveals the heart of Veliky Novgorod for all travelers. You will be able to fully experience its atmosphere and immerse yourself in the rhythm of modern life. We conduct excursions to the most beautiful, old and sometimes even forgotten places.

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Just look at its Novgorod Kremlin (also Detinets). The architectural monument of the XV-XVII century is located at the Volkhov River. Its total area is 12.1 hectares. The height of the ancient fortress walls is from 8 to 15 meters and a length is 1487 meters. It is really impressive! Their thickness varies from 3.6 to 6.5 meters in different places.

You can not pass by the Novgorod Academic Drama Theater. This is a vivid example of the architecture of Soviet modernism. The architecture proudly stands out among the other buildings of the city. The facade of the theater is located on the pier of the river! A lot of city mass events are held on its territory.

The Cathedral of St. Sophia is a symbol of the city, so it is obligatory to visit. It was built by the son of Yaroslav Mudryi – Vladimir, the structure was a princely temple until the 30s of the 12th century. The tops of the cathedral are made in the form of ancient Russian helmets. The cathedral was erected by masters from Kiev and Byzantium.

Yaroslavovo Dvorische is worth visiting. Judging by the name, it arose in the XI century. Here you can enjoy a beautiful view of the majestic princely expanses.

Rurikovo Gorodishche gives tourists and locals the understanding of why Veliky Novgorod has such a name. Based on the excavations, it was confirmed that people lived in the Rurikovo Gorodishche during the Neolithic times (VIII-III BC). Later this place was the residence of the Novgorod princes. Novgorod was named the New Town (Novii Gorod) regarding the Old Town, which was located on the Gorodishche. Here you will see an ancient archaeological monument and enjoy beautiful views of the river.

A journey through Veliky Novgorod does not end here, there are many beautiful, mysterious places, which we will be happy to share with you.