Yasnaya Polyana

The Museum of Yasnaya Polyana is located in the Tula Region, near the settlement of Shchokino. Yet in the XVIII century, the great-grandfather of the writer Leo Tolstoy purchased the estate, after which the property came down to the descendants. Lev Nikolayevich himself was not able to keep the house, which had to be dismantled and move out and, therefore, the main estate building became one of the wings. In 1862 here came Sophia Andreevna, whom the great writer married. The granddad and the mother of Lev Nikolayevich were the prototypes of the characters of “War and Peace” (old Prince Bolkonsky and Princess Maria). The local landscapes have been repeatedly described both in this novel and in other works of the writer. So, Yasnaya Polyana is the real universe of Tolstoy, along with its beauties and historical ups and downs.

The large estates area invites to rest in the shadow of birch and pine-tree avenues, close to the cascade of ponds. It is also good here in the winter; however, walks are limited on the little paths covered with snow. In the estate remained the bench built at the request of Lev Nikolayevich. The writer loved to relax on it after walks at the surroundings and to ponder over in silence.

All the things stored in the Museum, are characterized by simplicity, functionality and quality factor. Meanwhile, in the times of Leo Tolstoy there was no electricity, no drainage. The estate area is huge and, therefore, it makes sense to come here to the opening, so that to have time to visit the places not included in the route of the conventional tour lasting for two hours. Here, at a gully in the forest Zakaz is the modest grave of Leo Tolstoy (it has neither cross, no inscriptions with the dates). A plate “Silence Area” is mounted a little way away.

One can visit the temple, at the cemetery, near which are the graves of many relatives of Leo Tolstoy. For believers this temple is interesting with the fact that near is the tomb of the revered in Tula the whacky Dunyasha. It is worth visiting in Kozlova Zaseka (Abates), i. e., the reconstructed building of the ancient station with a complex of buildings (refreshment room, luggage room, well, houses of local residents).