Walking tour Moscow

Walking tour Moscow

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There is a very unique place in the very heart of Moscow, that is usually not shown to the city guests during the general tours: The Old Moscow. It’s hidden right behind the Red Square and got plenty of treasures to discover: Varvarka Street, Zaryadye, Kitai-Gorod, etc… Once you take a walk along the the streets & lanes of the Old Moscow – you’ll suddenly immerse in history and see how the pavement stones come out from the modern asphalt, the traffic lights and business centers will suddenly «dissolve» and the oldest streets & buildings of Moscow will appear just in front of you in all its beauty!

You’ll walk by Varvarka street – the oldest street of Moscow that was a wisdom of many historical events. You’ll walk along the chambers of the Old English Court, pass by the Boyars Romanov Chambers and the Znamensky Monastery, you’ll see the churches of the Conception of St. Anna, St. Maximus the Confessor, St. The Barbarians and Sts. George. You’ll be inspired by the beauty of these 15-16 century monuments.

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